Conveyancing Scotland

This will be signed then and there and the deposit paid normally by credit card or bank debit direct to the auctioneers.
After the auction:

Contact your solicitor to arrange a will writing service of you as I trust I’ve described above, there’s not a lot can be done to save that is “ ” the scenario, all the legal work to transfer title needs to be done by your solicitor. If you’ve got the instruction manual via online property Auction let him have a copy of the ‘Articles of Roup’ etc; tell your lender ( in case that it’s appropriate) and inform them the date of entrance when the balance of the cost is payable and describe to them how stuff it’s; additionally if you’ve assumed responsibility for insuring the property as is frequently the situation, tell your insurance companies so you’re ‘on threat’ in relation to the property.
Legal advice for selling or purchasing property

The preceding is a guide only and should be chosen as such. If you’ll like any more information regarding auction sales or We Buy Any House Scotland and how they work please contact The Glasgow Conveyancing Company that will be happy to help. Please get it done before you purchase rather than after it’s too late! – Submit our on-line enquiry form here.